Using Color to Bring the Seasons into your Décor

As the seasons change so does our color and décor preferences; making seasonal changes the best time to change things up a bit. Instead of only changing your décor for the holiday season, try giving yourself a much needed spiritual boost by transitioning your home’s décor themes to match the season you are entering.

Simple Changes that Make a Big Impact

Transitioning from one season to another with your décor doesn’t have to be overly expensive or time consuming; nor do you have to have an abundance of storage space. By using simple techniques and making changes that create the most impact for the smallest amount of investment you can easily change the feel of any room. Some ideas to consider would be:

  • Bedding – Depending on your climate you may already switch out your bedding between the cold and warm seasons out of necessity. Look at this as a chance to change things up. If the season approaching is spring, try bringing in a light weight bright floral print duvet. Add spring color influenced sheets and a few accent pillow and you have made a huge impact on your room.
  • Plants – Adding potted flowering plants during warmer months is another easy way to bring in a bit of the outdoors. In the winter months keep evergreen plants in your home to create a warm healthy atmosphere.
  • Transition your Color Palette – Using light weight fabrics, as well as whites, pastels, and vibrant colors in the spring and summer months, while using darker browns or neutral colors as your base colors in the winter and fall months is an easy way to move through the seasons. Besides bedding, you should use table coverings, throw pillows, throws, and window treatments to quickly and inexpensively make these changes.

Accents Colors

If you have a small space or minimal storage another way to create these types of changes are with your accents colors and items. To do this use a neutral color for your walls, floors, and any other big expense items, then bring in your color through the use of accent items, pillows, blankets, sheers, lamps, wall hangings, etc. These are all items that can be found cheaply and easily swapped out when you are ready to make a change.


When time to store the items until the next season, use vacuum space saver bags to store and protect pillows, drapes, sheers, bedding and the like. This will save you cupboard space while protecting your procession from any mishaps such as broken water heater floods that could potentially damage your precious items.

For larger or more structured items, use handy holiday storage crates. These types of storage containers are meant to protect fragile ornaments, lights, and decorative items from year to year, while stacking conveniently in a garage, basement, or attic corner somewhere until needed again.

Transitioning from season to season is a fun way to keep your home looking fresh and inviting all year long. It doesn’t have to cost a lot or take massive amounts of time, as long as you use neutral wall colors that will transition with you and let your accents do all of the heavy lifting.