Tiny Bathroom Storage Ideas

Many of us have the issue of a tiny bathroom and thankfully there are ways to survive it. You can make even the smallest bathrooms functional and easy on the eyes so don’t fret. If you can relate to having a small washroom then you’re going to love these tips and ideas on how to access the extra space we need so much. Accessing vertical space is important so take advantage of it whenever you can. If you’re lucky enough to have an unused corner in your bathroom, get yourself a tall thin cabinet to place there. Rather than just using each shelf for individual things, add in containers to keep it organized and space efficient. Your cabinet is sure to hold more this way and still look nice. You can use clear containers or solid colored to hide any personal items from guests. You can also store toiletries on open shelves to display for when they are needed quickly. The clear containers can be used for items like cotton swabs or cotton balls. For a cute and creative look try adding some vinyl sticker lettering to label your containers as well. There are many different cabinet designs to choose from but if you find one with a closed cubby in the bottom then use that place to store bulk items, towels, or anything you don’t want to be seen.

Ladies, if you have never wasted time searching for a hair elastic or bobby pin than your probably super human. Things like that regularly seem to disappear into thin air, never to be found again. If you have a drawer in your vanity or on your cabinet then make use of it and dedicate one or a portion of one to hair accessories like elastics, clips, combs and brushes and always put your stuff away before you leave the bathroom.  To organize your bathroom drawer, look for some custom fit drawer pockets or try out some Pinterest ideas for designating your space throughout your drawers with baskets or desk organizers. This can be done for really cheap if you’re frugal about it and shop at low cost stores or clearance sections.

Have you got a window with unused space underneath?  Get some hooks and install them in a row for hanging towels off of to dry. For a really visually pleasing and functional idea, stitch a loop onto each towel to hang on the hooks. You can use cotton or ribbon and some strong thread to keep it durable when your towel is very damp. If you have a vanity with open shelving, purchase some nice baskets that will fit in the space you have and use those for extra toilet paper, towels or any bathroom appliances without a place to rest when not in use.  A really cute idea is to buy petit bar cart and convert it into a beauty trolley. You can have it in the bathroom when you need it or remove it when you need more space. Look for one with lots of shelving to make it space efficient and maximise the vertical storage capabilities. Hopefully these ideas help you maximize the space in your tiny bathroom today. Good luck.