Keep Your Silver Shiny and Safe

1Silver is always valuable but sometimes it may not look that way. There are so many beautiful pieces that are tarnished and thrown into storage spaces, pieces that could be brilliant and beautiful if they were maintained properly. I’m here today to discuss with you, how to properly polish and shine your silver and how to maintain your silvers brilliant appearance .Once you have your old silver brought back to life with a good polish and you want to use it as a nice décor piece again, you need to remember this will slowly cause tarnish to build up 2again. The tarnish is always going to come back but you can slow it down with some different methods and products. Although, If your silver is going to be used for dining there aren’t any protective coatings you can put on it that are safe so you’ll just need to keep up with the regular maintenance on those pieces.

Even though there are some pieces of silver that can’t have that lovely added protection added onto them, there are many other pieces that can. If you have a silver décor piece like this beautiful candelabra I’ve got here, then what you can do is take it to a metal restoration shop and have it coated with a lacquer 3coating that will protect it very well. If you lacquer coat your silver it will look beautiful and shiny for over 20 years and you won’t need to polish it at all until that time is up. You’ll still need to give it a wipe and dust it but it will save you a lot of time polishing. If your silver is going to be a functional piece that will be used then you may want to go with a spray polish or paste polish instead. Using either of these methods will require you to lightly go over your piece of silver but it will also give it some protection to keep it in good shape. If you’ve got some silver that will be stored in drawers you might benefit from purchasing some silver strips. They are chemically treated strips that help to slow tarnish and give your silver a little more protection. Silver that needs to be stored doesn’t have to build up tarnish. You can use some pacific cloth storage bags made just for storing silver. It stops your silver from tarnishing while instorage so it’s still beautiful when the time comes to take it out. Keeping air away from your silver is important when storing too, so add that into an appropriately sized bag to help diminish tarnish and your silver will stay shiny longer.

4Now I’ll show you how to hand polish some mildly tarnished silver. I’ll use liquid silver polish for this. Grab a clean cotton rag and pour a little polish on it. Massage the polish over the tarnished spot in circular motions and you’ll notice the tarnish start to disappear. Once it’s gone you can use a clean spot on the rag to buff it out and your silver will look as good as new. For silver with old polish stuck in its crevices, you can use turpentine and a brush to loosen the buildup, then proceed to polish and buff it out with polish and a clean rag.