How To Paint Wicker Furniture

When you paint your wicker furniture, you have to keep in mind that there are many nooks and crannies in the furniture that you need to reach. For this, using a compressor sprayer for both pre-paint preparation and post-paint finish is extremely important. If you use a brush for painting your wicker furniture, the paint will drip and it will end up getting jammed. The finish will not be even because the paint has collected. So, using a sprayer is recommended.

– Preparation : “ Use a lot of newspaper sheets to spread around the furniture you are going to paint. When you use spray paint, it tends to get everywhere and also, the residue gets in the atmosphere and settles on other furniture and the floor. You must spread the sheets about 2 to 3 meters away from your wicker furniture. If you are going to do it outside, make sure there isn’t any wind. Use safety glasses and wear a face mask. Indoor painting would also require good ventilation systems for health and safety.

– Scraping – If the paint is flaking off your furniture, you need to get a wire brush or a soft brush for scraping it off. Otherwise, your new paint must be compatible with the old one. You can also sand the edges that are rough for blending and ensuring that the paint sticks properly.

– Primer : “ Applying primer in advance ensures that the coat of paint you apply doesn’t get absorbed in the furniture. Primer makes the final results more even as well. Using primer is especially important if you are going to change the color of your furniture from dark to light (or vice versa). Use an oil based primer with the help of a compressor sprayer. It is recommended that an all-day primer is used and you should leave it for 24 hours before giving it the top coat. For a trunk or a huge piece of furniture, multiple coats might be required for a solid look and finish.

– Choosing the Paint : “ Experts recommend using a house paint that is oil based for this job. This is because of the durability of this kind of paint. Also, it sticks easily to the wicker and is flexible. Although this paint might be a bit expensive but, as compared to latex which many people use, it will not start flaking after a couple of years. The new Latex products, however, give good results. It is always prudent to consult the expert at your paint shop and explain the make and material of your wicker furniture to them before you but the supplies and the paint.

– Painting the Wicker Furniture : “ Using spray paint leads to a lot of wastage if not done properly. To avoid that, use soft sure strokes and don’t worry about covering it all up in the first coat itself. Multiple coats, up to five, might be required to get the entire job done.

There are spray paints available of good quality these days and you can choose any one of them for best results.