How to Make Things Energy Efficient for Your Pets

Energy efficiency is very important these days with bills constantly skyrocketing. The cost of living in a home has gone up, and it’s about time to make amends to these particular events. There are already added costs to keeping a pet due to veterinarian checkups, food, water, shelter, and small toys that keep your pets engaged. Luckily, you can do some small things in your daily pet caring habit to make your home run more efficiently. This will help you save a lot of money on your electric bill. Here are some ways to make your home more energy efficient.

Setting the Temperature for Your Home

This is by far one of the more difficult things to do because pets are a bit different from humans when it comes to the right temperature. The key is to be thoughtful on how the temperature affects your pet, but being careful not to add too many extra expenses to your name. Most pets have a certain resilience so you can set your thermostat to 68 in the winter and 78 in the summer time. You want to test things out and make sure you don’t add on a huge bill. It does happen when you use energy inefficiently. Run a general test with your dog or cat to see how he responds to the temperature change. Also, keep an eye on your bill to see if there are any major changes  after proceeding with this new plan.

Leaving the Lights On

Sure, it’s fine to set your lights up a certain way when you’re home. Sometimes, you may actually have a dim light or so for your cat and dog. However, when you’re out of town, you don’t need to have all the lights on. Dogs and cats by nature go off of a certain instinct and sight that basically allows them to see well during the day and at night, go to sleep or be more sedentary. By default, they know what their cycle should be (active during the day and at rest during the night time) so it’s easier for you to keep the lights off. Even if your pet has a favorite show he likes to watch, it’s much better to leave them with their toys instead. This way you can save your money and they can enjoy their favorite chew toy.

Having a Good Pet Door

Another way to save your money is to get a door that’s fitted well for the size of your pet and it shuts extra tight. If you know you have a dog that likes to be out and about in the backyard, make sure you have a good door that can seal tightly. You don’t want to lose heat during the winter or cool air in the summer time. You can also look online for different energy efficient doors to help you save more on your electricity. It’s okay to spoil your pet a bit, but also remember these efficiency tips so you don’t increase your bills.