How To Decorate Your Mantel

There are some rooms and areas of a home that truly draw major attention from everyone. Homes that are fortunate enough to have a fireplace and thus a mantle right underneath are some of the most visual aspects of the home and thus the mantle needs to be decorated in the right way as it is safe to assume that all eyes will be on that one area of the room or home.

A mantle is typically the length of the fireplace or perhaps a bit longer. It is a flat shelf of sorts that is ideal for adding some truly amazing decorative items. It is a prime place to truly showcase some great things and thus it is the one area where people tend to place their most beloved possessions or their favorite things that they want to make sure everyone takes notice to and admires.

The right way to decorate a mantle is to think about the rest of the room and the theme of the room as well. That will help to dictate the style of the items that will adorn the mantle and it will give you an idea as to whether you already have those items or if you need to perhaps purchase some new things that will make the mantle really come to life.

One top option that many use to decorate a mantle seems a simple approach but it is one that really lets one show off the things they love the best and that is through the use of great pictures housed in amazing frames. This is a really unique look when done properly. The key is to have an assortment of frames that are all slightly different but that all have the same theme and feel. They should be in a variety of sizes and thus one would place pictures of all sizes all across the mantle. It is a way to show off family, friends, pets and even places to all and the look is clean and easy to accomplish.

Yet another great option is to use the mantle height and overall height of the ceiling as the basis of the design. This is where the mantle is decorated with bigger items and even those that need to be on higher shelves such as a mantle for their safety. Great vases, hand carved art, bowls, collectibles and even candles can be arranged on a mantle to give a unique compilation look.

The alternate option, which is also easy to achieve, is to line the mantle with all kinds and types of candles. The key is to pair complimentary colors or use all the same color. The trick is to have jar candles and pillars on the mantle. The candles should be in varying heights to give the mantle character. Then, these can all be lit from time to time for a functional and amazing look that anyone would enjoy. Candles in holders or bases should be matched and coordinated as the total look should be quite uniform is using this decorating approach.