Cleaning Silver

21Today we are going to talk to you all about silver; how to clean it, and also how to maintain and polish it properly. Silver is a gorgeous metal and there is no denying it. It has a beauty that cannot be surpassed so that’s a great reason to remember how important it is to keep it looking bright and shiny. Gleaming silver is a nice touch to anything really. It’s gorgeous when made into jewelry and it is also a beautiful touch to home or commercial décor as a decorative or sometimes even functional piece. Many people have silver pieces but they do not know the proper way to care for it, so their once gleaming silver turns tarnished and dark. Well I’ll explain to you just how to keep it in tip top shape in this video series so keep watching. I’ll explain the difference between sterling silver vs. silver plate. I’ll go through the various types of silver polishes that are available to use and you’re even going to see a great demonstration on how to hand polish your silver the right way. Then of course we will go over maintaining your silver in different circumstances.

34Now to keep your silver bright, you will need a few products which will differ according to the function of the silver, the type of the silver, and the size of the piece. Some of the products you may need are one of the two forms of silver polish such as a Hagerty silversmith’s liquid polish or a top quality paste polish like Wenol that comes in a tube. Wenol is excellent for polishing small items like silver flatware. Then we have Nevr-Dull which is a chemically treated cotton wadding polish. This kind is mostly used for brass and copper but it is great for removing tarnish from heavily tarnished silver. I use a horse hair 5silver polishing brush but if you only have a toothbrush available then that will basically do the same job just as well; you will have less of a brushing surface so it may take a little longer but will work just fine. We also have a liquid silver cleaner here that is comparable to the silver Tarnex product that’s good for removing tarnish.

6We have some polishing cloths. The ones we are using are actually just cut up pieces of an old cotton shirt. We will use these for polishing and also for buffing our silver. There is no need to go out and pay extra money for cotton polishing clothes just to ruin them when you can recycle and old cotton shirt and get beautiful results. You can also purchase polishing gloves. We have some here and I’ll show you how they work too. When you’re using the polishing supplies you need to keep in mind that they are chemicals so it’s a good idea to use some disposable gloves to protect your skin. Sometimes people try to clean silver with an abrasive pad but that is a horrible idea. Silver needs to be gently polished into lasting beauty. When it comes to cleaning or polishing silver you never want to use any abrasives or anything of that nature on